Do I Need a Bed Skirt?

When strolling down the bedding aisle there can be an overwhelming feeling that sweeps across you as you are presented with countless options of accessories for the place you rest your head. One of the items you will always encounter in the bedding aisle are bed skirts. While some people look at bed skirts as optional, they are a necessity. In this article, we will explain what a bed skirt is, and why they are a necessary part of any bedding purchase.

What is a Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt looks similar to an oversized sheet and is layered between the mattress and box spring, extending all the way down to the floor. Bed skirts can serve both aesthetic and practical functions. While aesthetically it is a decorative piece of fabric it is also designed to prevent dust from accumulating under a bed. Also, it is used to cover a box spring and hide any storage underneath the bed. 

Do I Need a Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt typically compliments a sheet set or comforter and acts as a decorative piece. If you own a traditional mattress and box spring set, your bed’s the ideal candidate for a bed skirt. A bed skirt complements or shares the color of your comforter to create a cohesive bed design. Traditionally, it lies between the mattress and box spring and cascades towards the floor. Although our Simply On Bed Skirts connects around the mattress for easy application. Without a bed skirt, your bedding will not cover your box spring and the legs of the frame.

Why Should I have a Bed Skirt?

Clean Look:

There is nothing worse than noticing all of the dust under a bed you are sleeping on. Having a bed skirt will help minimize the amount of dirt and dust that gets trapped underneath the bed. Also, one of the best reasons to get a bed skirt is that you can hide storage underneath the bed and behind the skirt. This will make your home look more organized and less cluttered.


A high-quality bed skirt creates a luxurious look to your room and adds the appearance of height to your bed. That is why at Simply On Bed Skirts we use a thick microfiber material. This material will hide any box springs or metal legs from the frame that is holding up the mattress.


Simply On Bed Skirts are an affordable addition to your bedding. Starting at $53 there is no reason not to invest in one.

Easy Maintenance:

The biggest difference with Simply On Bed Skirts is the ease of maintenance. With traditional bed skirts, you had to lift up the mattress in order to get the bed skirt out from under it. This is an issue if you are home alone or have back issues. We made Simply On Bed Skirts so you could easily avoid this by clipping the bed skirt around the mattress, instead of underneath it. Our bed skirts are easily removed and machine washable.

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