The Most Interesting Items Found Behind a Bed Skirt

A bed skirt can hide a lot of things and at Geela Lifestyle, we make sure your bed skirt not only hides what is under your bed, but also adds an element of style and luxury to your room. However, while most people typically put storage under their bed or need a modern bed skirt to hide the legs of the bed frame, some people have hidden a lot more than a box of clothes under their bed. Below we have listed the craziest items found under someone’s bed.

  1. A Crocodile

In 2013, Guy Whittall was spending the night at the Humani Ranch in Zimbabwe. He slept soundly for eight hours without even realizing that he had an unexpected guest relaxing under his bed. The crocodile was discovered when his maid lifted the bed skirt to dust under the bed. She screamed and ran out of the house. “I’m pretty sure everyone in Humani will check under their bed now before going to sleep.” Guy said.

2. A Sink Hole

One day Cecile Hernandez awoke to the sound of a loud explosion. She originally thought the sound was caused by a gas leak exploding or a car accident outside. After looking around to see where the noise originated from, a neighbor told her that the loud noise came from inside of her house. She looked everywhere and couldn’t find any damage. It wasn’t until she looked under the bed that she discovered, a three ft wide by forty ft deep sinkhole beneath her bed!

3. One Million Dollars in Cash

In October 2013, Landlord Jamie Smith was cleaning up after one of his former tenants. His maid had called off that day and he wanted the place spotless for his next renter. He lifted the bed skirt to make sure everything had been removed from the unit and there were multiple boxes under the bed. Jamie looked in the boxes and there was cash in each one totaling almost a million dollars. He called the tenant to try and get the boxes of cash back to him, but he never answered.

4. The World’s Most Valuable Violin

The Vieuxtemps Guarneri is the Rolls Royce of violins. This 274-year-old violin is also the most valuable in the world, recently selling for an estimated $16 million. Yehudi Menuhin was unaware of its value and stored it under her bed for five decades. It wasn’t until her granddaughter stumbled across it and recognized its value that it sold and made available for future generations to enjoy.

5. A 170 Million Dollar Painting

A painting described as a lost Caravaggio masterpiece was found under the bed in the attic of a house in the French city of Toulouse. The family was going through their grandfather’s items and had noticed a “nice painting.” They called an appraiser to come over and look at it. Well, that nice painting was worth 170 million and purchased by a museum.


What you can learn from these interesting tales is to always check underneath the bed, because you never know what you will find. Also, you need a modern bed skirt from Geela Lifestyle to hide anything and everything from prying eyes.

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