Why Choose a Neutral Color for Your Bed Skirt

When choosing a color for your bedding it is currently trending to use neutral colors. This is a great trend because neutral colors give you a blank canvas, a backdrop against which you can decorate the rest of your bedroom with color. A neutral color palette goes with everything, so if your bedding is neutral it gives you a nice base to then add color within the rest of the room or with colored pillows to personalize your space. Deciding which neutral color to go with is where many people get stuck.

At Geela Lifestyle our Simply On bed skirts come in white, beige, and a light grey. These colors are subtle and can complement any decor as long as it is in the right color palette. This versatility allows you to change your room’s decor over time without having to change the bed skirt as well. 

How Do You Decorate With Neutral Colors?

When it comes to decorating with neutral colors, you can go a couple different directions. You can go for an all neutral color palette, where not only is your bedding a neutral tone, but your walls, furniture, and decor are also shades of neutral as well. The key to this approach is to vary the shades of neutrals within the same palette, so that you have a dynamic space that doesn’t look flat.

You can also do neutrals with added contrast. Think of it as a neutral base with a pop of color. Popping color into a room with pillows, curtains, or a painting is a fun way to add personality to a space. Also, these items that bring a pop of color can be easily swapped out to easily change the feel of a room without having to change the base of the decor.

Warm Neutrals Vs. Cool Neutrals

Not all neutrals go together in the same color palette. Even neutrals have a warm or cool undertone to them and you need to make sure you are choosing to decorate with one or the other. Neutrals with cool undertones skew more blue or green, which includes most greys. Meanwhile, warm neutrals have more red or yellow undertones which include browns and beiges. Warm colors have a stimulating effect, whereas cool colors tend to have a more calming and relaxing vibe.

Bedrooms are versatile because either neutral warm or neutral cool color palettes will work. When trying to decide this keep in mind, if you want a cozier feel to your space, go for a neutral with warm undertones. If you want to give your space a more open, airy vibe, go for a neutral with cool undertones.

Our Simply On Bed Skirts have revolutionized the industry. They are modern looking and can be easily installed and removed by one person in seconds without lifting or straining. They are available in white, beige, and grey and are the perfect finishing touch to a bedding set when decorating your bedroom.

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